We help lay the foundation for strong, vibrant

NASHVILLE communities.

What can you do with your land?

Green Trails helps provide the framework for neighborhoods that enrich local economies, create usable green space, and establish thriving communities. We provide a roadmap for landowners looking to make the most of their asset. Green Trails has the experience, capability, and a track-record for success.

Our Land Development & Builder Communities in Greater Nashville


Land development that features 764 single-family lots for homebuilding with over 375 acres across Long Hollow Pike and Big Station Camp Boulevard

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Our Land Development & Construction Management Expertise

Land development and community building come with complexities that demand a range of expertise. From our team of experienced professionals to our trusted partnerships, we offer end-to-end services to help get builds completed on time and under budget. Today, we develop and service over 200 lots per year.

Property Identification

Factors such as zoning regulations, lot sizes, utilities, amenities, topography, soil type, and market research helps us make informed decisions on which properties to acquire and how to design the subdivision for success and sustainability.

Market, Site & Cost Analysis

To develop a residential subdivision, three elements are important: market, site, and cost analysis. These analyses enable developers to craft a sound development strategy that aligns with market demand and financial feasibility.

Environmental Management & Preservation

We conduct an environmental impact assessment, use sustainable building practices, and incorporate green infrastructure like rain gardens and permeable pavement. Long-term plans are also be made to preserve natural resources and promote sustainable communities.

Regulatory Management & Permitting

Our qualified team of experts will work with you to help identify, plan and navigate regulatory and permitting hurdles with ease. Whether you need a county or municipal permit, land use change, or site plan review, we provide a complete 360-degree solution.

Loan Acquisitioning

Our team of experts offers support and guidance throughout the loan acquisition process, assessing financial requirements and providing competitive rates and terms. Ideal for experienced and new investors looking to make an impact in the real estate market.

Share Restructuring

You can feel confident that any required share restructuring process will be handled with the utmost care and attention to detail, ensuring that your shareholders are well-informed and that your community is in compliance with all relevant laws and regulations.